Wednesday, April 22, 2009

So You Say You Wanna Servolution?

For two consecutive years, Healing Place Church has been listed as one of America’s Top 25 Most Innovative Churches. That innovative drive is expressed in a passion to serve the poor and hurting wherever they are, and with whatever it takes. Every week, hundreds of volunteers serve in outreaches, cooking hot breakfasts for the homeless, helping ex prisoners re-enter society, caring for AIDS orphans, giving roses to ladies working at local strip clubs, and reaching the poor through free medical and dental clinics.

Recently I watched Steve Sjogren interview Dino Rizzo, the pastor of Healing Place Church and author of his new book entitled Servolution [which I purchased on Amazon], and I wanted to share that with you. Perhaps you can divide the 50 minute [!!!] video into segments and watch parts of it when you find time. Click the links above to read up on Healing Place Church or to purchase Dino's book and the greenish banner above to watch the video and subscribe to Steve Sjogren's coaching website on servant evangelism.

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Henry Miller said...

Awesome! What really struck me were the words, "no strings attached." As Adventists why can't we take a similar attitude, rather than planning our "good deads" for the express purpose of softening people up to hearing "our message." I think that this attitude is both manipulative and un-Christlike, and it has turned many people from Christianity and organized religion in general.