Tuesday, April 21, 2009

A Small World?

A couple weeks ago, we drove the 18 hours to Florida and had a wonderful time [once we arrived] playing in the sunshine and swimming in the pools and doing nothing for a few days. We squeezed in a couple days at Disney in addition to visiting family [My brother Matt and family, cousin Heather and family, Jackie's mom, aunts, grandparents, and brother Jay] and friends [my best friend Marty and his family were down there at the same time even though we didn't plan it!!!] In church the following week, I told the story about how embarrassing it was when during a rest stop a fellow traveler recognized us in a parking lot and asked us about driving through the rain with the duct tape covering the gaping holes in our cargo carrier snapping in the breeze. Click any pic to read about that. Maybe you'll find that story funnier than Jackie did...it's a small world after all!!!


Caryn said...

Did you hear we ran into Marty & family at Hollywood Studios down there? We were at Magic Kingdom that Wednesday (4/8), what day were you there? I'm surprised we didn't run into you given that the park was so crowded they closed it down at noon when they had already reached capacity! The lines were so long (1.5 hrs in line for the Dumbo the Elephant ride which lasted all of 90 seconds) that we finally gave up around 3:00 and headed back to the hotel pool. BTW, we lost Sabrina for 2 minutes at Magic Kingdom when she was 4, and that was terrifying, so I can't even imagine 20 minutes!

Mike Fortune said...

We were there on WED too. Got in @ 7am and had finished nearly every ride by 10am when it started getting really crowded. I remember Marty saying you guys were there too. That's so funny!!! We wrote our cell phone numbers on Josh and Lydia's arms with a Sharpie in case we got separated again. That way, they'd just have to find someone with a phone and call us and we'd come to them!!! Made our WED much more relaxed in spite of the crowds!!!

Autumn said...

Looks and sounds like you had a great time (besides loosing your little princess)! Thanks for sharing. I miss you guys! Oh yeah - I'm due in 1 week! Keep me in your prayers. Love ya!