Thursday, March 05, 2009

Say Goodbye to Hollywood?

Jackie and I spent some time last weekend in Corona Del Mar, Huntington and Laguna Beach, and Hollywood, California visiting friends and attending a conference called "Beyond Evandalism" at the Hollywood [literally a block's walk to snap this famous sign] Adventist Church. Peter Rollins [author of How Not to Speak of God and The Orthodox Heretic] was the main speaker emphasizing why living our faith is so much more effective than merely talking about it. While there, mesmerized by the beautiful sun and and surf, I forgot to wear sunscreen. My forehead got so burned it felt like it was on fire!!! Which is where this street preacher was saying people would be burning unless they started turning to Jesus and the Bible. You think this is what Peter was talking about by living one's faith LOL?!!

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kumardixit said...

Beautiful pics. I am jealous. Wish I could have gone. Ryan is a lucky guy!