Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Die On The Mountain? [Part 2]

"You have to have the combination of believing that you will prevail, that you will get out of this, but also not be the Pollyanna who ignores the brutal facts."—Jim Collins

In Part 1 of this post, I mentioned how Jim Collins has made a career out of understanding why organizations [like some rock climbers] succeed. He says the signature of mediocre organizations is not an unwillingness to change, but chronic inconsistency at doing so because they make changes inconsistent with their values.

So IF our values [@TF] include: "Growing from the children's divisions up" [instead of appealing primarily to adults convinced by systematic theology] "A Christ centered church" [think Christian Adventist instead of Adventist Christian; click Pollyanna pic for more about that] "Shouting the Gospel with our lives" [such as promoting a lifestyle of evangelism through ordinary outreach opportunities], as contrarian as it sounds in a tanking economy, shouldn't we be doing even more of the few things we value most? If we don't, is it because we don't believe they will help us prevail? Or because we're ignoring some other brutal facts? Do you think an 8 or 88 year old could understand ours?

Click the triangular play button below to hear Jim Collins talk about how to turn crises into opportunities—even in troubled times.

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