Tuesday, March 24, 2009

No Mo' Bacon OR Oatmeal?!!

Over 600k people have watched "The Breakfast Song" on YouTube. According to Tom Joyners' website [click pic for details], the people sincerely singing this hilarious song on The Kay Bain Show in May/June of 2004 from NBC affiliate WTVA of Tupelo, Mississippi are Pastor Cleo Clariet and his fiancé Katherine Lane.

Pretty much covering all the breakfast foods including bacon and oatmeal [!!!], Clariet is either longing for the day Jesus returns or eerily singing a song of premonition of his dying before then. Because according to the website above, Clariet passed away from congenital heart disease on Dec. 13, 2004. Lane said he would have been thrilled to know his song is now entertaining so many people. Enjoy!!!

[But stay away from the...
Bacon. Sausage. Orange Juice. Coffee. Biscuits. Light bread. Grits. Scrambled eggs. Oatmeal. Pancakes. Sugar and rice. Beef steak. Maple syrup. Strawberry jam. Gravy. Country ham. Captain Crunch. Cinnamin Oats. Lucky Charms. Cheerios. Wheaties. Frosted Flakes. Rice Krispies. Nuts of Grapes. Chicken. Pork Chops. Lipton tea. Soda pop. Donuts. Grapefruit. Apple pie. Mixed fruit. Oatmeal. Corn Flakes. And beef stew LOL!!!]

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