Wednesday, June 18, 2008

What's The National Pray Down The High Gas Prices Summit?

According to an article this week in the Columbus Dispatch [click pic for more], the price of natural gas will hit a record high next month. Which will put more pressure on the less fortunate already contending with higher food and gasoline costs. As Christians, we should be paying attention to this. And doing something about it before winter roars. Why? Because whenever Jesus encountered a crisis, He prayed hard. So that’s what we’re going to do at the National Pray Down The High Gas Prices Summit this Friday June 20 from 7pm to 7am. We’ve got different pastors and musical guests from Maryland to Missouri from all kinds of churches each taking 30 minutes to inspire and encourage us to be better servants of God and humble stewards of the earth followed by Q&A and lots and lots of prayer!!! Psalm 121:4 says, “He who watches over Israel never tires and never sleeps.” And for one night, neither will we!!! Please join us for all/some of the following:
  1. Prayer At The Pump Detroit: THUR morning church bus leaves Toledo First @ 11am. Volunteers needed to simply walk off the bus while we fill it with gas and hold hands while pastors pray.
  2. Prayer At The Pump Toledo: FRI morning TBA. Volunteers needed to simply walk off the bus while we fill it with gas and hold hands while pastors pray.
  3. Summit Kick Off: Pastor Mike kicks off the Summit with his talk "God Recycles: People, Planet, and Plans" by welcoming the Sabbath and inviting everyone to pray hard during it. Stacy Rankin follows with "God Is Green: A Call To Healthy Stewardship." Rocky Twyman, founder of the Prayer At The Pump Movement, follows with a concert by Darrell Alexander.
  4. Reinforcements Arrive @ Midnight: Wait till you hear the very passionate Brother Paul Aduba pastor of the Anglican Church of the Pentecost [and you thought I was energetic!!!] followed by Pastor Niboro Colomba of Sonrise Community Church talking about Spiritual Warfare, Dr.Chinedu Okoro reminding us that God Can Prepare A Sanctuary Place, with Mrs.Nema Ngur talking about The Kingdom Of This World. And when they're done with us, Yoga Jenn McCullough will calm us down and stretch us out in the pre-dawn early hours concluding with YO Cafe prayer breakfast [Thanks Mindy, Vicky, and Jenn Cozzens!!!] from 7-8am. Sure to be a memorable Toledo First event!!! Don't miss it!!! It's the least we can do!!!

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