Monday, June 02, 2008

Osteen Eating Scripturally?

Houston's Lakewood Church, with over 45,000 attendees, is the nation's largest church by far. In this 3 minute clip, Pastor Joel Osteen addresses the issue of eating scripturally (clean vs. unclean creatures). Very interesting!!! Is it time to hold the pepperoni? Or is that sow too sacred? Ha ha ha?


Stacy said...

I totally and wholeheartedly agree with his stance. Sure Jesus said everything's permissible, but if you want to eat garbage, waste and filth, don't expect your health, mind and body to be operating at a high level of excellence. Maybe I'm misquoting the "Everything is permissible" verse. But I'm just sayin' people have used that excuse to eat whatever they want. Remember to Live Consciously and Be Good Stewards of ALL God gave you!!!!!!!!! That includes your body!

Anonymous said...

PTL!!! I am a Bible believing Seventh Day Adventist Christian and thats exactly what we believe from the scriptures, I was shocked to see a Sunday keeping pastor elevate our health message. We may disagree in other areas but TRUTH is being preached. Eventually all meat should be discarded cause in Heaven there are NO BUTCHER SHOPS only fruit from the Tree of Life. No more death. PTL!!! God won't change then what you can change now.

Anonymous said...

One other comment I would like to leave, Before SIN entered the world, the diet Adam and Eve had was vegetarianism After SIN leaves the world it will go back to the original.