Sunday, May 04, 2008

Unleaded Divine Intervention?

Rocky Twyman, an active member of an Adventist church in Washington DC, started the "Prayer at the Pump" movement asking God to lower gas prices. Twyman knows his approach to gasoline prices is simplistic so he's quick to point out that anyone praying for cheaper fuel also has an obligation to do something more active about the problem. "People have to walk more, leave those cars at home, and carpool, man," he said. "We have to become more practical." Click the triangular play button to watch the short interview from April 25, 2008.

Can you correctly match the alphabetically arranged countries below with the converted prices for the average US gallon? Note: one US gallon = 3.78 liters [rounded off to 4]. One liter of gas = 1.53 Euros [as of 4/26/2008]. Answers below right.

A. Belgium
B. France
C. Germany
D. Italy
E. Netherlands
F. United Kingdom
G. United States
H. Scotland

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