Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Is Jay Okay?

Jay's broken neck is stabilized. He can move all his extremities [so he's not paralyzed]. And when he's not sedated and being forced to rest, he's wide awake making plenty of demands of those nearby. Rolling his eyes when those nearby can't guess what he wants!!! He's received over 300 visitors to his CarePages website [click the pic for more on that] and has heard his family read each of the 188 messages of support you've left for him. Thank you!!! Please keep praying for Jay's strength, healing, and comfort. And thank God that the injuries Christopher sustained [the 10 year old boy and only other person hospitalized in the accident] are not life threatening and that he is getting better too. Click below to watch a short video of the news coverage from the prayer vigil held at his St.Charles high school. FYI, the clip shows a picture of Jay's upside down car at the accident scene.

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