Monday, April 28, 2008

Origin Or Extinction?

Yoko Ono has filed a federal lawsuit against the producers of the documentary Expelled: No Intelligence Allowed that challenges the theory of evolution saying they used the song "Imagine" without her permission. The film uses part of the song that asks listeners to imagine a world without religion or faith in an afterlife. "Expelled" executive producer Logan Craft says the lyric reflects the views of many advocates of unguided evolution and insists that its "fair use" is protected under the First Amendment. Isn't it ironic that the lawsuit is about a song with the lyrics "Imagine no possessions"?

And while all that is entertaining, I find Brian McLaren's [not so] unrelated question more intriguing: Why are so many religious people arguing about the origin of the [human] species, but so few are concerned about its extinction? Genocide. Stupid poverty. No clean drinking water. Child prostitution. Modern day slavery.
Which one interests YOU more?

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