Thursday, February 07, 2008

Who Was Airborne?

Last week, here in the ferocious midwest, mother nature dumped 6" of snow on us. Canceling school and snarling traffic throughout the greater Toledo area. Joshua and Lydia were delighted. So I took the kids to the Northview high school hill. Which was so full of mini vans and moms and dads that there was hardly anywhere to park much less sled!!! We finally found a place and headed out. Joshua immediately veered to the left. To the steep hill. With a jump. Lydia to the right. Where the "hill" was so flat bunnies would be embarrassed. Quickly realizing she was much more brave this year, Lydia wandered further and further to the left [insert Democratic Super Tuesday joke of your choice here] dragging me and her sled up and down until we eventually came face to face with Joshua preparing to take a running jump down the "big" hill.

[Editorial comparison: Those of you who know Marty and me may recall us flying down "Dead Man's Hill" in Virginia or the other hill near his house with cars parked at the bottom and that one year Marty actually hit the car at the bottom putting a dent in the car's bumper!!! Well, northview isn't quite that steep, but still quite the ride!!!]

Here, in this pic, Joshua is going airborne over the jump at the bottom of the big hill. And while I have no photographic proof to show you, even Lydia enjoyed the big hill. And the big jump. Dad? Not so much...

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marty said...

I miss the days I hitting cars and walking away with little pain