Thursday, February 21, 2008

Who Loves The Logo?

Some of you know during our January 2008 Business Meeting, we voted to submit the necessary paperwork to launch a separate but affiliated 501c3 non profit organization. Doing so allows us to raise more money from local businesses and organizations unable to contribute directly to a church. We call it Haven of Hope. It's got a brick and a leaf to symbolize building hope through a variety of activities including the Women Ministry's Extreme Home Makeover projects. Big thanks and WTG to Women's Ministry leaders [with help from Root Learning Inc] for design help.

Months ago I told you about our weekly Vacation Bible School on Saturdays from 11-noon and from 5-6pm called Kid Connect. Pastor Aly settled on a logo she liked and I forgot to show it to you so here it is!!! It's meant to look like the icon from Instant Messenger allowing older kids [thru 12] to feel like Kid Connect is not just for young guns. Who loves the logo?


Marilynn said...

Both logos are "awesome"!

Arden said...