Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Is Obama A Believer?

A photograph was released this week of Democratic Senator Barack Obama wearing a white turban and a wraparound white robe presented to him by elders of the Wajir tribe in northeastern Kenya during a visit there in 2006. The photo is contributing to the widely circulated hoax e-mail that falsely accuses him of being a radical Muslim “possibly intent on destroying the United States.

As followers of Christ, whoever you vote for next Tuesday March 4 [if you're an Ohio Buckeye or Texas Ranger], it is our responsibility to “Stop judging by appearances and make right judgments” [John 7:24, NIV]. If it were written today, the Gospel writer might add these words to believers in the 21st century: "Don't forward emails that aren't true!!! It's the same thing as gossip. And Romans 1:29 says gossip is as bad as murder!!!"

Click the turban pic to read the very informative Snopes article clarifying the hoax email for which two Clinton Iowa volunteers resigned last December.

Click the oval logo to read the very informative Snopes article clarifying false accusations about his Chicago church.

And click the
Christianity Today logo to read the article about what Obama says he actually believes. Can't truth afford to be fair?


idea ink Communications said...
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Jonathan said...

This is a sad commentary on our world and this country. I think for some of these people the issue is not that Barack "looks" Muslim.

As a voter when faced with the decision of who should lead this country will we be honest with our prejudices?