Wednesday, July 04, 2012

Is It Sabbath Yet?

This guy in Hollywood (Producer DeVon Franklin, Vice President of Production for Columbia Pictures) is looking forward to it. Maybe Oprah or Will Smith will too? I just downloaded his new book in iBooks (also available in hardback on Amazon called Produced by Faith). In it, he talks about maintaining your faith while advancing your career. Enjoy!!!
 (photo courtesy Harpo, Inc. / Chuck Hodes)


Linda G said...

This is great! thank you for posting. tried to get this online but took soooo long that i gave up. didn't even get past 1st minute. (took 10 minutes for that)anyway, great example in today's climate. Can still be powerful witness for the Lord; hold on to our faith and prosper.

Chris said...

I so like the thought expressed; embrace who you are ; if your faith won't let you walk through the "door", don't walk through it.
Thanx for the post.