Thursday, July 05, 2012

God on Trial?

Facing extermination at Auschwitz, a group of prisoners solemnly weighs the case against God. Who is to blame for the greatest of all crimes? Amid the sound of prisoners outside being marched to the gas chamber, the trial unfolds, addressing the age-old question: How can there be evil in a universe ruled by an all-powerful benevolent God? One young father who had his three little boys taken from him surprisingly speaks in favor of God: “I know He is here, even though I don’t understand Him...Maybe God is suffering with us.”

Most of the others disagree with the young father. Spoiler alert: they say God is not good and broke His covenant and is guilty. Though I disagree with some of the conclusions they reach at the end, I think this film brilliantly sets the stage for a discussion of the Great Controversy. And how Jesus' death on the cross proves that God really is good. Even though the cross and the Holocaust simultaneously proves some things aren't. It's worth discussing. Get your copy here. I'm gonna show it this fall for Film Fest and invite the community as well. BIG thanks and WTG to my friend Allan for sharing it with me. Click here for more info.

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Linda G said...

sounds interesting. i'd like to view it myself. thanks for putting the idea hear. does sound like a starting point for some good conversation about the Lord.