Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Manfest Rules?

There's no women and pics allowed at Augusta National where the Masters Golf Tournament recently concluded play. And there won't be any at Manfest either. Deal with it.

Guys 18 and up!!! Let's get together for a non-churchy weekend full of Jesus centered fun and work. My friend Pastor Kevin will be there with some of his friends and I want to bring a bunch of guys from NW Ohio as well. Who is interested? You do not have to be a member of Toledo First to participate. Please do not let money be an issue. If you want to go, we can make it happen.

Please RSVP with me ( / 419.386.8918) before May 18 so I can know how to plan. We could really use your help on SUN MAY 20 as together with manly men from all over Ohio we'll be building one of two new bath houses @ Camp Mohaven. If you do, your accommodations on SAT night are free and food only costs $10/person for the entire weekend! Here's more details.

Cabin – $5.00 / night /person – group
Contact Dave Robinson for more info or 740.599.6111

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