Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Does Batman Love Kids Like Crazy?

This one does. His name is Lenny. And he lives with his family in Maryland but during his free time, the caped crusader visits hospitals to encourage sick kids. Recently, he got pulled over in his Batmobile on the way to the hospital. The vid at end of this post is hilarious. You have to look, but there ARE God things happening in this world - even if secular newspapers don't report them that way!!! (special shout out to Ray Tetz for plugging this article on Facebook). Click here to read the whole Michael S. Rosenwald story in from the 3/28/12 Washington Post and see more pics. Photos in this post courtesy Jonathan Newton & Allen Goldberg.


Linda G said...

Love it! Lenny is a good natured fellow and things went well.

Henry Miller said...

We need more news like this!