Sunday, December 05, 2010

Random Acts of Culture?

Random acts of culture by musical groups singing songs in public places have been popping up everywhere from a recent episode of Modern Family to this latest example Rachel sent me most recently. I think it's my fave because of the way it begins in a food court with the soloists braving the crowds all by themselves at first. Would you ever do something like this?


Anonymous said...

This is totally awesome; yes I would do something like God is awesome and He deserves to be made known whenever and wherever.

Henry Miller said...

Wow!! What a treat! However, you wouldn't want me contributing to the singing.

We have a wonderful God who is worthy of our praise.

Anonymous said...

So very cool! Wouldn't it be amazing if it wasn't Christmas? Just a Tuesday in June! 3 ppl then 10 then 50! Singing His praises.


Linda G said...

Love it! A friend of mine is in a choir here in Philadelphia that does the very same thing. It's wonderful. Of course i can't sing so i don't know if i'd do this exactly. if i could sing--absolutely! but random kindness-definitely and for sure!