Sunday, December 05, 2010

Christmas Presence?

Last year during the weeks leading up to Christmas, we partnered with Toledo Junior Academy students and families in giving gifts to local families who could not afford to buy presents. We also raised some money for Serentity Farms — a local non-profit organization specializing in counseling services and therapeutic riding through the use of certified therapy dogs and special horses.

This year, as part of our Christmas Presence series of sermons preceding Christmas, we’re going to be partnering with the Adventist Development and Relief Agency [ADRA] using their 2010 Really Useful Gift Catalog to raise money each week in a special offering for goats! Why? Because item #43 says one breeding doe will give an impoverished family overseas additional income and access to milk for their children. And each goat costs only $70!!!

So when you come to church Sabbaths December 4-25, don’t be surprised to see “the poor man’s cow” tied up inside right beside the other Christmas decorations and manger scenes to help us remember how we can help impoverished families grasp the significance of Jesus’ Presence this Christmas. The wise men gave gold. We're giving goats to help families fight their way out of poverty!!!

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