Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Discuss Ragamuffin?

Many believe God's grace in theory. But somehow we cannot apply it in our daily lives. Yet God gives [and continues to give us] His grace, willingly, because He loves us like crazy!!!

Join us on Wednesday nights in Toledo First or follow along as we discuss one of my fave books of all time—The Ragamuffin Gospel by Brennan Manning [click pics for more info]. Everyone at Toledo First willing to read this book can have one for free while supplies last. Additional copies will also be available free to the first five people who post a comment below and request a copy. [You may privately email me your snail mail address:] Good luck!!!

BTW, a few years ago, I got to hear Brennan live in Cleveland [see pic below]. Brennan's now-classic meditation on grace and what it takes to access itsimple honestyhas changed thousands of lives [in addition to my own]. Let it change yours as well!


Linda G said...

I think this is an awesome oppurtunity you are providing! Thanks for also including an opportunity for others to benefit as well. I'm always in awe of the great ministry going on at Toledo First! Blessings to you as you continue to share the Love of the Lord!
Linda Granto
Philadelphia, PA

Anonymous said...

Grumpy will take one. Thanks

Mike Fortune said...

YOU are especially welcome! As soon as they arrive, I'll drop one in the mail!!!

beth said...

Count me in for the book blessing! I need all of the grace I can get, and even more I need a deeper understanding of it (and who doesn't).

Sean said...


I've heard of this book before...Brennan Manning is one of my mom's favorite authors...I'll take a copy if I made it into the five...Grace is not an easy subject to internalize and receive on a consistent basis in my opininion...thanks for sharing and the opportunity to grow.


Mike Fortune said...

Sean, drop me an email [] with your snail mail address and we'll send it right away. Enjoy!!!

Linda G said...

Hello, I received my copy in the mail and i'm very excited to get started reading it! I had to wait till i was finished presenting the prayer advance for the youth at our church this past weekend. Had to clear something off my 'to read' list. Ha, ha! But seriously, I am looking forward to sharing what i will learn and i am praying for those at toledo studying the book now!