Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Why Should We Spend Less This Christmas?

Because Christmas is not your birthday, it's Christ's [though he was probably NOT born DEC 25, we still celebrate his birth during this season]!!! And when Jesus was born, he only got 3 presents [see Matthew 2:11] — most of which a child wouldn't even like! But today, Americans spend $450 billion/year on Christmas. About $900/family. While only $10 billion could solve the entire world's water problem!!! [click triangular play button below to see how!!!]

So this year, I'm challenging my church to spend less and give more presence. In doing so, I'm not suggesting you not give your kids any gifts this Christmas. I'm simply suggesting that as parents, we give them no more than Jesus got! Three! Doing so will teach our kids that you cannot serve God and money. It will free resources to pour into the local church and non-profit organizations that need help. And it will remind us that Christmas and really, being a follower of Christ on every day, is about giving not getting.

If giving three gifts is too radical, perhaps you could:
  • make some of your gifts instead of buying them [generations did it this way!!!]
  • set a budget and commit to a no credit card Christmas
  • consider drawing names instead of giving everyone gifts
  • give one or two less gifts than last year donating the difference
  • read Luke 2:21-39 and ask your family: what emotions did seeing Jesus arouse in Simeon and Anna? Why was Jesus enough for them?
  • read James 5:1-6 and ask your family: what are some specific sins condemned in this passage? What are the consequences of putting trust in wealth or riches?
  • rent and discuss the DVD What Would Jesus Buy? [click triangular play button below for a preview]

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