Monday, January 19, 2009

Who Needs Batman?

I don't. Because I married Batgirl!!! Before Christmas, Jackie captured a bat in our house with an oatmeal container. We don't know if it was the same one we saw flying through our living room one evening a few weeks earlier. But from the look on her face when she saw him, I knew she wanted him gone.

So being the brave man that I'm not, I ushered the kids into their bedrooms and shut their doors. Then I went to my office to call a pest control guy. But before I could hang up, Jackie informed me she had captured the intruder, read him his rights, and was about to drive him miles away from our house to a park. Since then, every nook and cranny of the inside of our home has been screened, caulked, and sealed. And if there are any more in here, we're told they will leave in the spring through the small opening under the eaves in the front of the house they used to get in. Then that opening will be screened, caulked, and sealed as well.

Which is good I guess. But even if it weren't, I'd have nothing to be afraid of. Since my wife is not afraid of bats or the needles the following injections would require to ward off rabies. Shortly after this heart warming episode, I was browsing Despair's website and found this T-shirt I had to buy. Click the graphic for more.

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