Thursday, November 20, 2008

Sustainable Funding in Challenging Times?

I was seated in the School of Social Work at the University of Michigan last Friday for a talk entitled “Raising Sustainable Funding for Nonprofits in Challenging Economic Times” where Terry Axelrod blew my mind. In ordinary times, giving to nonprofits is 4%. But the organizations following her system see giving rise to 6% even in the more challenging economic climates. Why? Because the people they cultivate and routinely reach are invested in the mission of that organization whatever the economy is up to.

I've been praying that God would send us help to grow Haven of Hope Toledo, Inc. into the tool God could use to fuel our ordinary outreach. And maybe God will use Benevon to answer that prayer. If you'd be interested in hearing Terry next time she's near, please email me: We will be carpooling to suburban Detroit on JAN 13 for sure!!!

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Anonymous said...

Hi Mike!! I along with our CEO and a team of people attended the Benovan Training last winter and we've been using the process at LHM. It's a great training and I'm sure you'll find it well worth it!! Keep me posted! ~ Laure