Thursday, August 21, 2008

Will The Justice League Stand Up For The Sweathogs Or The People Of The 301?

I don't know. But those are the names of the 3 fantasy football leagues I'm playing in this year. That's right people. Pastors play fantasy football. But aside from the petty cash, the "Dennis" trophy, and bragging rights, why do we do it? Three reasons.

#1 Because everybody knows your [team] name. Mine is Cold Stone. Named it after the ice cream. And because it's SO easy to speak truth in love with it on Monday mornings LOL!!! For example, week 1: "I TOLD you to watch out for that Cold Stone win blowing in from the Midwest!!!"

#2 Because everyone is always glad you came. Especially when you man up and log on for the live draft this Saturday night. Funerals and honeymoons and interviews are no excuse!!! Get online and be there. Or the computer picks your team for you and you hear about it week after week after week. Does that happen to you when you miss church?

#3 Because God loves people like crazy. And so should we. Big thanks and WTG to Roy Bing Wu for inviting me to hang out with all my Takoma Academy peeps in Maryland's 301!!!


Dave said...

Wayyyyyyy to much introspection @ 8am on a thursday! Go have some Cold Stone!!! :)

Grumpy said...

Just don't pick anyone on the Lions except the Kicker