Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Aren't Both Beautiful?

Seven year old Chinese singer Yang Peiyi (left) with her crooked teeth and chubby cheeks was deemed not good looking enough for the Olympics opening ceremony. So nine year old Chinese girl Lin Miaoke (right) lip synched the song Milli Vanilli style.

Peiyi is a well behaved 1st grader who loves the Peking opera. Miaoke knew she was lip syncing, but didn't know it wasn't her voice!!! Her father is a photo journalist at Beijing's
Legal [as opposed to the illegal] Evening News.

But before we criticize the communists, didn't they make the switch for the same lame reason successful Christian singers seemingly all look picture perfect slim and thin? Christians who don't deny the diversity and beauty of all the red and yellow black and white God created should be above such foolishness. But are we? Aren't both these little girls beautiful?


Henry Miller said...

I agree that both girls are beautiful. Unfortunately you are too true with your statement that we Christians are also guilty of taking physical appearance (especially that over which one has no control) into consideration for the public front.

Fortunately the Christian music group, Selah, is not guilty of that.

Henry Miller

Cindy said...

That's funny, Henry, I thought the very thing about the Selah group! I've seen them in concert twice. Their new female singer has an awesome voice.

It's too bad that Christians often fall into the the same trap as society as to what "beauty" really is. Luckily our heavenly Father loves us the way we are.