Thursday, February 26, 2015

Weekday Veg?

I do this like Graham Hill five days a week. It works.

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Experience: part of a balanced life said...

i think it's important to remember that you DONT HAVE TO BE PERFECT! i like to tell people that "The Best type of Oatmeal you can eat... is the oatmeal THAT you eat!" So its a GREAT concept... that it doesn't have to be ALL or NOTHING. Unless you are have diabetes, heart disease, high cholesterol, hypertension, etc... then its better to go to a plant based program. (which is what i do for a living these days)

on one hand... you will NEVER lose the craving for meat... you will always want it... and it will always be a temptation...
on the other hand... its way better then eating it everyday, its cheaper, its an easy rule to follow... so yes, its a good solution. :)

i CANT believe that your kids are so hold now! wowzah! :) AND that our little Maegan is getting married! :)