Thursday, December 13, 2012

Christmas Kept Right?

Recently, I reminded some children in a daycare that when Jesus was born, the wise men gave Him three gifts (Matthew 2:11). So I asked them if three Christmas gifts were enough for Jesus, would three Christmas gifts be enough for them as well. Surprisingly, most of them said yes! One said "no". So I asked how many would be enough, and he said 500! (I think he knew what I was going to say next). Christmas is about Jesus' birthday not yours. What if we taught our children this? And used any additional monies we've previously spent on ourselves at Christmas and donated it to a local non-profit organizations? Some of the faves I support include The Daughter Project (combating human trafficking in Toledo), The Eden Garden Orphanage (currently serving 37 orphans in Haiti), and Haven of Hope Toledo (making-over the homes and lives of people in NW Ohio one family at a time). If we did, years from now, would our children remember the Christ of Christmas more easily as adults? Would they become less materialistic? Would they learn to hold more loosely the things of this earth since their real home is in heaven? I hope so. Because Jesus has a wish list too. And one of them is to allow Him to be formed in each us including our children. Christmas kept right can help us do this.

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