Sunday, November 25, 2012

Die Singing?

The history books make little mention of this priest and scholar who lived 100 years before Martin Luther and the Protestant Reformation. Yet, John Hus was convinced and taught openly that the Bible should be presented in the language of the people, that salvation comes by faith in Jesus, and the Word of God is the final authority. He died singing on July 6, 1415. Bring your family and friends to Connections Prayer Service on JAN 12 @ 5pm but plan to stay for Film Fest @ 7pm as we watch then discuss this brave man's life. Free hot drinks and snacks available.  You do NOT have to be a member of Toledo First Church to participate.


Henry Miller said...

I have read much on Jon Hus, and I strongly recommend that you see this film. I wish that I was closer so I coujld view it with you.

Henry Miller said...

Because of my close relationship with the Moravian Church (especially its music), I have done considerable reading on Jon Hus, and I strongly recommend seeing this film. I wish that I lived closer to Toledo so that I could view it.