Thursday, March 29, 2012

Met My Friend Aunt Leweez?

This dude in my church is such a riot. He's the closest thing I know to Tyler Perry / Madea. He plays percussion and bass in worship and is very well known in Toledo. It was my pleasure to be invited into a packed courtroom full of city officials and Ohio government dignitaries present to give him The Thomas E. Gahl Line Officer of the Year for the Great Lakes Region (November 2010) Award for his excellent work in law enforcement with the Federal Probation & Pretrial Officer's Association. But as much as he loves music and his job, he loves Jesus even more!!! And everyone he meets from judges to juries know this. Please blow up the comment section for my friend Lewis and ALL his alter egos including Uncle Lewkas, Uncle Lenny, Uncle Lewigi, Uncle Lewie, and my personal fave Aunt Leweez!!! Enjoy!!! PS - In case you're wondering what the song and title is about, here's what Lewis says: "Pastor, you too let your freak flag fly and I truly feel this is what the world needs. Yes, we have guidelines by which we are all expected to follow, but what is wrong with going beyond what's in black & white or what someone else thinks is the 'right way?' I have always worked outside the box to get things accomplished and I see you do as well. In order to get more people into the Kingdom, I feel we are going to have to continue to tell the truth, based off the Bible, but also work outside the box (Let our freak flags fly) just as Toledo First does with it's Outreach, Connections, and ways with 'working individuals slowly' back to the truth. Please continue to be encouraged and continue to do the work God has placed on you to do. You do it very well and if I must say so, you Pastor truly 'Let Cha Freak Flag Fly!'" Thanks Aunt Leweez!!! Much love!!! Click below to see the LOL outakes.


Linda G said...

let your freak flag fly! say that 3 times fast! lol love it.

a truly unique and gifted individual. congrats on your award and blessings to you as you minister for God in all you do!

Anonymous said...

This is hysterical!! Love this guy's gig & message.

Anonymous said...

This guy is hilarious! What a great gig & message.