Friday, January 20, 2012

Love HIV Orphans Like Crazy?

"Michou, a fragile-looking 17 year old girl found our makeshift clinic in Fond Paul village, several miles away from Eden Garden. She presented herself for treatment to nurse Elizabeth who sadly determined that there was not much we could do for Michou except make her more comfortable, ease her pain and rehydrate her. Unfortunately, Michou was suffering from end-stage H.I.V., and told Elizabeth that her parents and family had abandoned her. From the unmistakable look of pain and desperation in her face and eyes, it was clear to us that Michou was enduring the last days of her disease alone and in the worst environment."

"Elizabeth began an IV line of re-hydration fluids, and a mattress was laid on the floor for her where she was cared for. She was given water, and when she could eat, some nuts and a granola bar." "At the end of the day, Elizabeth determined that she did not want Michou to go home by herself because she was so weak. So Charles, nurse Erin, interpreter TiTi, and Arden volunteered to walk her to her village up the mountain a mile or so away. And although Charles and Arden walked on each side of her, Michou stumbled and fell hard on the ground, scratching her elbows and knees. She sobbed quietly on the ground, tears flowing, as she could not get up." "Charles and Arden helped her up and took turns carrying Michou home. Sensing that she was a burden on Charles and Arden (whose huffing and puffing indicated that they were struggling with the uphill walk), Michou whispered that she would try to walk. They got to her village, found her two room home, and placed her on a mat. After praying with her, they left her bottles of water and protein bars, and later sent some supplies for her wounds and skin with another person. Michou was silent, and could not even wave goodbye. Her eyes were full of sadness."

"On Saturday afternoon, a group led by Elizabeth, and including Glenn, Sean, Kurt, Stacey, Ron and Arden decided to visit Michou at her home to give her more supplies and food. Unfortunately, Michou was not there, so they left the supplies with her family, who we couldn't even be sure that they would give them to Michou. Shortly after our group got back to Eden Garden, they were surprised to see Michou and her sister who walked at least three miles in the hot sun to Eden Garden to see us. They heard that we had visited Michou’s home. Michou told her sister that she knew “the Americans would never leave her.” After some refreshments, we were able to put take her home with a bag of medicines, clothes, towels, water, food and some money. When we said goodbye, Michou hugged and kissed Arden on the cheek, as did her sister. We saw a smile on her face for the first time. And this time, she was able to wave goodbye." The following true story took place in Haiti January 2012. Click here for more info or go to Eden Garden Orphanage's new website) and reminded me that God loves HIV orphans like crazy!!! Do we?

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Andrew said...

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