Thursday, March 03, 2011

Generation Rain?

God really blessed during Generation Rain. That's the name of the high school Bible retreat I was speaking at last weekend at Mt.Aetna Camp in Hagerstown, MD. Nearly 200 high schoolers, most of whom do not attend Highland View Academy, the Adventist boarding school next door, descended for the weekend. The worship was vibrant led by an entirely student praise team. The prayer and art rooms were full. Four youth were baptized SAT night and another planned to do so in their home church!!!

Previous years focused on calling and equipping young people while this year's theme was all about releasing them to serve and do mission to change the world. I used 1 Samuel 3, Exodus 3, Matthew 26, and Luke 10 to encourage them to get ready [Samuel], listen up [Moses], show up [Jesus], and keep up [disciples] their serving. I reminded them that with 33 million teens in America spending $150billion/year, that if enough of them organized themselves online, they could by themselves pay for wells to be drilled in every remote place on earth for $10billion. I told them that today there are 30 million women and children in slavery and that Toledo is the #1 most trafficked city in America per capita. That God looks at this and is displeased that there is no justice. That He is appalled there is no one to intervene [cf. Isaiah 59:15-16].

For more info on modern day slavery right here in Toledo, see And PTL that God promised to rain down his Holy Spirit on the young and the old [cf. Joel 2:28]!!!

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