Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Mission Trip to America?

My friend Dave shared this in church a few weeks ago. It is the most moving and powerful little video I've seen recently. Please watch it and remind yourself that the minute you walk outside your door, you've begun your Mission Trip to America!!!


Linda G said...

i love it! Short, sweet, to the point! kudos for making a good point and leaving viewers thinking of ways they could see their day and those in it differently and for God. thanks for sharing

rrilesod said...

Hey Mike,
The guy in the sunglasses is my kind of Optometrist!! :) This video would partner well with Matthew West's song, "My own little world." The Good News is that if we ask God, He will send the Spirit into our hearts so that we can see with eyes of compassion,just like Jesus!
Thanks for sharing!

Rhonda Riles

Mike Fortune said...

@Linda, thanks! @Rhonda, I thought YOU would like this one ; )

Gulliver said...

Okay, make me cry why don't you!