Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Why Did Mike Stop Blogging?

Some of you realized I haven't posted anything on Fortune Cookies since the end of August 2010. Thanks for your encouragement and kinds words. It's good to be missed!!! No, I haven't stopped blogging because everyone already knows God loves them like crazy flaws and all. No, I wasn't on vacation. And no, I'm not sick or in the hospital [although my mom has been in twice in two months...she's better now PTL!!!].

Yes, I'm still convinced based on research inside and outside the Adventist church that meaningful Bible study and worship, active ordinary outreach, and grace based churches are three of the most influential factors that help young people and the increasing number of unchurched Americans all around us develop a positive outlook about God and lasting interest in the church [click here to read more].

So why should we continue to spend ourselves for the sake of the Gospel? Because there are plenty of people from Chile to Holy Toledo and the rapidly growing mission field where you live that are far from God!!! So let's exhaust every avenue and media to show them grace and live the love that still astonishes a watching world. That's what the rescue of those 33 trapped miners reminded me of recently. [BTW, I stopped blogging because my PC died. And my temporary replacement lacked the muscle needed to upload pics and vids. But I've got a MBP now so Fortune Cookies is good to go!!! In the meantime, click the triangular play button below to hear Toledo native Crystal Bowersox belt out her hit "Holy Toledo" and see you in two weeks!!!]

Photo courtesy: Hugo Infante / Government of Chile
From the San José mine, Copiapó, Chile

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