Wednesday, July 21, 2010

A Delightful Picnic with Purpose?

BIG thank you and WTG to all of you able to spend some time at the park last week during our Picnic with Purpose. Aside from a fantastic meal, we enjoyed Corn Hole, Ladder Ball, and new this year: Water Tic Tac Toe. Additionally, we gave away over 160 cups of lemonade with connection cards and invitations to visit us at church. Reactions overheard include: "This is so cool!!!" "Thank you so much for doing this!!!" "Can I have another one?" "Who are you guys?" "What's this all about?"
There weren't as many canines this time [it was pretty hot], but we managed to give away quite a few doggie biscuits anyway too. Some friends from Parkwood Church joined us giving away free blood pressures. And the mostly musical Connections service in the park did in fact connect us with a guy named Vince. Who wandered up to our pavilion with his guitar and, playing by ear, started playing all the songs with us even though he'd never hear them before!!!

Afterward, he introduced us to his friends at the table nearby all of whom are music students in Toledo and unconnected to any church. Of course we invited Vince to play in the praise team next week at church too [he's really good!!!] so please pray for him and all his friends. Thank you for making last Sabbath a delightful day. And setting aside AUG 14 for our next and final 2010 Picnic with Purpose.

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