Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Wanna Help Us Help the Ohio Tornado Victims?

Volunteers of all ages are pitching in to help Ohio's most recent tornado victims. Deadly tornadoes ripped through Northwest Ohio early morning on Sunday, June 6, 2010, killing five people. Hundreds more are still reeling from the effects of the tornadoes, which destroyed houses, cars, and local businesses.

ISOH/IMPACT [International Service of Hope], based out of Perrysburg, OH, responded immediately to our neighbors in Millbury, the hardest hit town. "We are stretched to our limits," ISOH/IMPACT President Linda Greene said. "With our ongoing relief efforts in Haiti, the needs of our neighbors in Ohio, and the major hurricanes that are predicted to hit, we are really praying that people will step up and join our relief efforts. We can't do it without them."

You can help the families in NW Ohio begin to rebuild their lives. This Saturday June 19 at Toledo First Church, we're going to be collecting an offering to give to this 4-star local charity where 97 cents of every dollar goes directly to the people in NW Ohio that need it most. Should you wish to contribute, you can donate online directly to ISOH by clicking the 4-star icon to the left or make your checks payable to: Toledo First Church. Thanks for helping us help the Ohio Tornado Victims today! Click the other two graphics for more info about ISOH.

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