Thursday, April 15, 2010

Dady Dartur Day?

So I staggered into my home office one morning recently. And on top of my computer keyboard, I found this note from my 8 year old daughter Lydia. And beneath the keyboard scrawled into April 13's box in my datebook were these words: "Dady dartur day."

You see, I had promised to eat lunch at school with her on the 13th of each month - the day of her birthday in February. And though sadly, this was the first time I actually remembered to do it, apparently she still loves me. And says she still will years from now. I promise not to miss next month Lydia. Thank you for loving me like crazy!!!


Gulliver said...

Awe!!! I love it. Adorable. Well done!

Jim Lange said...

Wow, what a note! As a father of 22 and 20 year old girls, I highly recommend you save this for that may need it (just kidding, I know my daughters love me, it is just shown differently at that age). Great post Mike!

Grumpy said...

Grumpy will have to make a surprise visit for lunch.