Wednesday, January 13, 2010

If the Wind and the Water Obey, Shouldn't I?

Today [January 21 if you're reading this post the day MailChimp emailed you the link] I may have already ridden a boat on the Sea of Galilee [since Israel is 7 hours ahead of Ohio] and continued on to the Mount of Beatitudes where Jesus spoke the Sermon on the Mount. We will also be spending time in Capernaum [Jesus' home base throughout much of his ministry], Cana [where Jesus did his first miracle], and Nazareth [where he was raised]. If you're in Toledo on January 30th, I'll be telling you all about it and showing you pics too!!!

BTW, Wikipedia says [click pic for more info] the Sea of Galilee is actually the largest freshwater lake in Israel. It is approximately 33 miles in circumference, 13 miles long, and 8 miles wide. The lake has a maximum depth of approximately 141 feet. Luke 8 says one day Jesus fell asleep on the boat he was riding across this lake and that a storm arose. So the disciples [tough fishermen remember like the guys on the Deadliest Catch] woke Jesus up [because storms don't scare God] and said, "Master! We're going to drown!" So Jesus rebuked the wind and raging waters and all was calm.

Unless I'm REALLY jet-lagged, I'm fairly certain I won't be falling asleep on any boat. But I will be thinking of this story. And remembering that if the winds and the water obey Jesus, maybe I should too.

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Marty said...

If you look to the north as the sun rises, Mt Hermon often glows. I'm glad you are getting to walk in those places where Jesus walked. There is nothing to compare walking through Capernaum or the Jewish quarter in Jerusalem or reading Jonah down by the sea in Joppa. Israel is a place where your spirit is shaped.