Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Should Churches Serve Alcohol?

If it's the kind that goes in gastanks, yes!!! Years ago John Rockefeller conspired with Christians to crush the production of Henry Ford's alcohol fueled [!!!] Model T. But according to David Blume in his book Alcohol Can Be A Gas, anyone can purchase the materials needed to make your own, convert your car, and start giving away gas. Wouldn't it be cool if Christians got it right this time?

Blume's book explains how someone could purchase for $1500 the materials needed to make your own still. And how the government allows you to process and hold up to 5k gallons of it. At less than 50 cents/gallon, we wouldn't have to buy down the price of gas, because it would already be down!!! And if church members purchased converter kits for their own cars [my Chrsyler mini-van and Dodge Calibur can be converted for $784 total], we could all purchase gas from our church fueling [LOL?!!] all our other ordinary outreach activities. What do you think about that?!!

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