Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Is the $hop-ocalypse Upon Us?

Americans spend $450 billion/year on Christmas every year. That’s right people. $450 billion with a “B”. But just think, if Christians in America spent less at Christmas, WE could have bailed out Chrysler, General Motors, and Ford all by ourselves! And as this video clip I'm showing in church this week reveals, we would still have money left over to provide clean drinking water for the entire planet!

But instead, more and more Americans are losing their jobs. And more and more people around the world, 25k/day to be specific, die each day of preventable hunger and water related illnesses while Christians continue to spend, spend, spend. Is the $hop-ocalypse upon us?


Henry Miller said...

I totally agree. I have encouraged it for several years, but I have been ridiculed as unchristian, unamerican, being a Scrooge, etc.

I hope that this catches on.


marty said...

I wish I could get bailout when I screw up with money.

Grumpy said...

What give money away to people that don't work or have a job! Isn't that spreading the wealth! LOL couldn't resist.