Thursday, October 26, 2006

I Hate Evangelism and Mission Trips

I hate the word evangelism because most people think it can only mean satellite preaching and reaping events. Neither of which Jesus did much [any?] of. I also hate the words "mission trip." Why do we call them mission trips anyway? If mission is what we’re already doing, why do we have to go on a trip? Raising thousands of dollars and getting vaccinated is way too much work. No wonder hardly any of us are doing it!

I think it has to be WAY simpler. Not just because I’m already busy. But because I’m also broke! With energy prices soaring, who can actually afford to go someplace to do mission? And why should we? Especially when every day is a mission trip.

Buying groceries. Talking to the cashier. Tutoring after school. Driving old people to their doctor’s appointments. Inviting the mom’s in your neighborhood over for lunch. Babysitting for free. Taking your neighbor to a football game. Joining his bowling league. Going to the gas station. But only if you pay inside. It doesn’t count if you pay at the pump. Jesus didn’t die to save rusty machines that never have enough paper in them to give you a receipt anyway so you might as well go inside and talk to somebody live! Working out at the Y instead of your basement. All of that is outreach.

I know this is true because I met my workout buddy Ken at the Y. It’s not just semantics. Like why do we park in the driveway but drive on the parkway? Psalm 24:1 [NIV] says, "1The earth is the LORD’s, and everything in it, and all who live in it."

I’m not saying mission trips outside your zip code are bad. Or that there's no place for reaping events. I’m just saying we need a new word for what Jesus really did for most of His time on earth. Because Jesus didn’t save up His denarii to go to Athens and He didn’t stay home writing checks for evangelism so satellites could beam prophecy seminars around the globe. What He did was so much simpler. And normal. And ordinary. And cost efficient.


Anonymous said...

Well i see THIS comment is way late...but having googled "I hate evangelism", I stumbled on your article and very much enjoyed reading it. I LOVE the evangel....but am struggling with evangelism. Even if you "hate" evangelism too...I bet you're light is shining. Peace.

gary said...

I recently had an "Aha!" about "Evangelism". Here is a link to my blog: