Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Prayer and Simplicity?

The 2nd film in our Fall Film Fest emphasizes the virtues of prayer and simplicity as reflected in the life of Francis of Assisi. Come for worship @ 5pm and the film @ 7pm which includes free snacks, hot drinks, and simultaneous children's videos in another room. Bring a friend to talk about these questions for reflection:
  1. Francis often quotes the words of Jesus, especially passages about wealth and sacrifice (Matthew 6:19-21,24-33 ; Matthew 19:29 ). What other Scriptures are cited in the film?
  2. How does prayer and a life of simplicity apply in Francis' life? How does it apply in yours?
  3. Giocondo fears he won't be able to keep the vow of chastity, saying repeatedly, "God forgive me, a miserable sinner," adding that he'd "gladly face eternal damnation for one moment of love." How would you have responded? How does Francis respond?
  4. Various characters have a change of heart toward Francis, including several of his companions and two of the churchmen he comes in contact with. Are these "conversions" convincing?
Click the pic above for a more thorough review and the triangular play button below for a preview clip.

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