Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Fall Film Fest?

This Saturday night August 22 marks the premiere of our Fall Film Fest. And YOU are invited!!! The first film, The Least of These, was created by Columbia Union College film student Rik Swartzwelder in 2003 and has won numerous awards in the "short film" categories. It is based on a true story by internationally known speaker and sociologist Tony Campolo. Don't come late or you'll miss how the fading, isolated life of a diner owner and the dull routine of his late night crowd are forever changed by the unusual proposition of a stranger!!!

Praying With Lior is the second film about a boy with Down syndrome who has spent his entire life praying with utter abandon. While everyone agrees Lior is closer to God, he's also a burden, a best friend, an inspiration, and an embarrassment, depending on which family member is speaking. Told with intimacy and humor, Praying With Lior is a family story encompassing triumph and grief. Click the triangular play button below for a preview. Free hot and cold drinks, quesadillas, and nachos!!! Worship @ 5pm, Films @ 7pm.


Anonymous said...

I like the little slide show on Joshua & the family. Maybe someday I can learn how to do that for some of my family.
Rosemary Maehre

Anonymous said...

Wish I could be there to see the films. I miss Toledo First and its people. I'm WAY out in the country, 10 miles from a grocery store and a shopping center. No buses out this far, either! And Cindi & Ron and the Hillcrest SDA Church are all about 30-35 miles away. I hope our phone problems will be fixed next week.
Rosemary Maehre

Mike Fortune said...

I'll eat a quesadilla for you Rosemary!!! Thanks for commenting. Hope you settle in there.

PS--I looked, but couldn't find a copy left of the magazine you wanted a phone number from.